About me: I am now visiting University of Toronto under the supervision of Bálint Virág. I am an undergraduate Yr 4 student (on leave) from HKUST, where I get supervised from Zhigang Bao.

My CV is attached here.

Research interest: Probability theory, mathematical physics; with current emphasis on random matrices, geometric and probabilistic structures under KPZ universality.

Contact information: jguoap at. connect.ust.hk

Something about me:

How to spell my name: 

Language Name
Chinese (中) Guo, Jiongji (郭炯吉)
Korean  (韓) Kwak, Hyung-Gil (곽형길)

I come from Shenyang, China (here are some celebrities coming from the city 1 2 3 4 maybe you have heard of). 

I am the third generation of immigrants from South Korea as “China born Korean” in China.